Avocaderia – Avocado Everything in Industry City!

There’s a huge hype for avocados right now and I’m not gonna lie, at first I didn’t quite get it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love avocado!  Just maybe not to the same extent as some other people.  But boy, am I ever happy about this avocado hype now because out of it has come Avocaderia, NYC’s first avocado bar! The all avocado based food here is fun and novel, but most importantly, delicious!


Avocaderia is located in Sunset Park in Brooklyn inside the Industry City food hall. Walking into Industry City feels like stumbling upon a gold mine or a secret oasis.  The surrounding area isn’t much of a sight for sore eyes, but this collection of warehouses on the waterfront has been transformed into a modern collection of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, chocolatiers, and entertainment areas, just to name a few!  Even if you’re not going there for Avocaderia, I still recommend checking this place out! 🙂

On the Menu:

Everything on the menu at Avocaderia features, what else, avocados!  They have an Avoburger in which a “patty” of smoked salmon is between two buns made of avocado halves!  It’s served with baked pita chips and arugula.  Two of my friends tried this and enjoyed it, although it was a little tricky to eat – you definitely need a fork and a knife!

They also have various salads and avocado toasts!  I tried the Let It Beet, an avocado toast on sourdough bread with beet hummus.  It was also a bit messy to eat due to the various garnishes on the dish, but it was the garnishes that made it extra delicious!

Check out the full menu here:

Overall, Avocaderia is a great place to check out if you love avocados (or just love a good instagram picture haha).  It may not be the easiest food to eat, but the food is so flavourful and fun that I’m sure you won’t even mind! ;P

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