My sister, Lauren, came to visit me in New York a little while ago and when she was here, we went for brunch at a restaurant called Buvette.  I had read about it on Yelp and it had really good reviews, so we figured we’d check it out.  When we arrived at the restaurant around 11am, there was a crowd of people standing around outside.  The wait was only 30 minutes though so we stuck it out…it was worth the wait!

I have a bit of a caffeine addiction (med school will do that to you haha) so I ordered a latté.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m not very good at distinguishing good coffee from bad but I will say that I enjoyed the drink a latté!  

For our meals, Laur ordered the Belgian waffle with berries and I ordered one of the specials of the day.  My dish was steamed eggs with creme fraiche and caviar.   I really had no idea what to expect when I ordered steamed eggs lol.  When they were making it, Lauren pointed out that they were cooking the eggs with the steamer that was attached to their coffee maker…the one that I think they use to froth milk!  I would never have thought to cook my eggs that way, but it turned out so well.  They were basically scrambled eggs, but they were lighter and fluffier than any that I have had before.   Fun fact: I used to be allergic to eggs when I was younger.  Thankfully I’ve grown out of it, but as a result I’m not a huge fan of eggs.   These eggs, however, are definitely something I’d come back to eat again!

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