Enlightened Ice Cream – A Healthier Alternative

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE ice cream fanatic.  I can resist chocolate and potato chips and most other forms of junk food, but when it comes to ice cream I have no self control.  Usually my go to brand is Ben & Jerry’s (Chocolate Fudge Brownie is sooo good!) and if I wanted to, I could eat a whole pint in one sitting.  My friends and I even dressed up as Ben and Jerry’s flavours one year for Halloween!  If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is haha.

While I believe that everything in moderation is alright, the sugar content and caloric intake of eating that much ice cream as often as I do is almost too high to count.  Recently, I’ve come across a brand of ice cream that allows me to indulge in my ice cream addiction without as much of the guilt!  Enlightened Ice Cream is a high protein and high fiber ice cream that is low in sugar and fat.  Pints are, at most, 400 calories and contain 4 servings.  For more nutritional information about Enlightened Ice cream, check out their website here.

So far, I’ve tried three of the available 21 flavours.  Before eating each flavour, I let the pints defrost and the ice cream soften as recommended by the brand – it definitely does make a difference!  The flavours that I ate were Mint Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, and Brownies and Cookie Dough.  Mint Chocolate Chip is 90 calories per serving and the mint flavour does come through nicely.  Triple Chocolate is a trio of chocolate chips, chocolate fudge, and chocolate ice cream.  It doesn’t have the decadence of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, but it still tastes good and at 90 calories per serving it definitely manages to curb my cravings.  Brownies and Cookie Dough is a chocolate ice cream containing exactly what it sounds like – brownie bites and cookie dough pieces!  The chocolate ice cream for this flavour is a bit more rich than Triple Chocolate and there is a decent amount of brownies and cookie dough dispersed within the pint.

Overall, I’m happy about finding Enlightened Ice Cream.  It’s obviously not exactly the same as other ice creams, which I do find to be more rich with deeper flavours and decadence, but it is a great alternative for when you want to indulge without putting too many unhealthy things into your body.

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