Fulton Landing Seafood Co. – New Menu Item Sneak Peak!

For those of you who love seafood as much as I do, I have exciting news for you!  Fulton Landing Seafood Co., located in Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn, is adding two new items to their menu!

Fulton Landon Seafood Co. already boasts an extensive menu that includes grilled or fried seafood options, a raw bar selection, and a variety of seafood sandwiches.  Starting tomorrow (Monday July 3rd), they’ll also be offering Smoky Paprika Peel-and-Eat Shrimp and Garlic and Jalepeño Steamed Mussels.

I was lucky enough to try a sneak preview of these new menu items and I can already tell that they’ll be staples in my diet for whenever I need a seafood fix!  Be sure to stop by Fulton Landing Seafood Co. to grab some for yourself!


*Note: The portion of the shrimps in the image is not true to size, as it was only a sample.

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