Ganso Ramen

My apartment is located right in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and I’m really fortunate to have everything within fingertips’ reach.  Just over a block away is a ramen place called Ganso Ramen.  I’ve passed it a few times while walking around my neighbourhood, but hadn’t had a chance to try it until today.  My friend Jai and I were going to have dinner and he suggested we go to Ganso (after astutely remembering that I had mentioned a few weeks ago that it had peaked my interest :P).  I happily obliged.  

The decor of the restaurant was slightly underwhelming, with the kitchen area visible to the diners (although I wasn’t really able to see the cooking process in action).  They did have a good selection of ramen, however, of which I selected the Triple Shrimp ramen.  Not surprisingly, considering my love for any and all seafood haha, I enjoyed the dish.  While the meal was good, what really made my dinner was the company.  In my opinion, regardless of what or where you’re eating, it’s who you’re with that makes all the difference.

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