James in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn was recommended to me by a fellow passenger in a Lyft Line.  As we passed the restaurant, she mentioned that she loved the place and had even seen two TV stars brunching while she was there!  It was quickly added to my list of places to try and today, I went there with my friend Crystal.  We arrived at around 11am, their opening time and were seated immediately.   It was a cute and intimate space.   I ordered a Blood Orange Bellini (God knows I could use one after the few days I’d been having with the dogs haha) and Crystal got a coffee.  For food, I ordered the Carolina shrimp, Harissa Jus, Creamy Polenta, and Two Poached Farm Eggs.  Crystal ordered the Pork Belly & Artichoke Hash, Two Fried Eggs, and Asiago Cream.  Crystal said although her dish didn’t feel like a substantial amount of food, she was satisfied because it was very rich.  I really enjoyed my dish!  It also wasn’t a very heavy dish, but I did feel full by the end of it.  The harissa jus really brought the dish together in terms of flavour and I basically scraped the bowl clean haha.

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