Memorial Day Weekend Shopping Spree

Despite what some others may say, I’m not a big shopper.  I am, however, a HUGE sucker for a good deal.  With all of the sales going on this Memorial Day Weekend – my first one since moving to the States! – I have shamelessly spent a lot of money under the ruse of getting a deal.  I suppose it’s not actually a ruse; as I scoured the internet for dresses and shoes and anything else I might like, I did actually find some good sales!  Here’s what ended up buying:

Forever 21:

Forever 21 offered 30% off all sale items, but I actually found that the sales offered on these items worked out to be better than what I would get with 30% off!  (Don’t ask me how that happened…math is NOT my strong point haha).  So while the Memorial Day weekend sale might not have been that beneficial, I still am happy with my purchases here.


I’ll admit, I had never ordered clothes from Tobi before but I just couldn’t resist with a deal of 50% off site wide.  Usually these pieces are much to expensive for me, a girl living off of a student budget.  I do like the style of the clothes at Tobi, though, so a sale quickly convinced me to take the plunge.


H&M’s sale included items up to 60% off and a code for free shipping.  While I didn’t get the feeling that I HAD to have any particular item from H&M, these two standard camisoles came up to less than $10 each.  If you know anything about my style, you know that I live in camis during the summer so this was a steal for me.  I know that I’ll get good use out them and for a price like that, you can’t beat it.


American Eagle:

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly in need of new bras.  I find that bras are usually so expensive, so I jumped at the opportunity to get some new ones at a good price.  Thankfully American Eagle’s sale of 30% off everything extended to their Aerie line.

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