Thai Villa – Saturday Night in the City!

Despite my busy work and study schedules, I always find time to go out on the weekend.  It’s not always easy to balance my academics and my social life, but I find that I depend on that balance.  Last weekend my friend Daphnee and I went out to a restaurant in Manhattan called Thai Villa.  It was quite unassuming from the outside, but upon stepping inside we were immersed by ornate decor and a bustling crowd.  They only take walk-ins on weekends but we managed to avoid having to wait by opting to sit at the bar.

Dinner was delicious!  We started with two drinks at the recommendation of the bartender and let me tell you, he knows what he’s talking about haha.  Now if only I could remember the names of them.. I guess thats what happens when you write about something you did a week ago 😛  I do know what we ate though!  I had the papaya salad with shrimp and Daph had the duck with five spice.  Daph loved her dish.  I had a bite of the duck and it was cooked really well!  Very tender and tasty.  The papaya salad was also very tasty, but almost to a fault – perhaps my fault though, not Thai Villas.  You see, spicy food and I have a love/hate relationship (I love it but I can’t handle spice to save my life!) and was this dish ever spicy!!  Thankfully the bartender was great at keeping my glass filled with water.

After dinner, we checked out a few bars around the area.  I was definitely a fan of Flatiron Lounge, a bar with a very retro feel.  The drinks went down easy and we managed to stay there for quite a few haha.  Our last stop of the night was Raines Law Room.  This place had less of a mingling atmosphere and was more conducive for intimate conversations.  Daph and I both agreed that it would be a good date night spot.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t what we were going for haha.

All in all, a great Saturday night!

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