Weekend in Charlotte

I’d never been to the South before so when I was invited by my friend Maggie to visit her, her fiancé Matt, and their pup Ronnie in Charlotte, NC., I jumped at the opportunity!  Charlotte is really an up and coming city full of life and I see why young adolescents are flocking there by the numbers.  Outside the downtown area, houses are more affordable and you can own a good amount of land.  It’s a nice escape from the city – definitely different in all aspects from New York!  Drive for just a short time, however, and you can be in the heart of the city with all of the action.  

Charlotte also has an amazing brewery scene.  I had no idea that there were so many breweries, and all of such high quality!  We spent a day brewery hopping, starting at the Sugar Creek Brewing Company.  

Our second stop was the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, where we ate some bratwursts and I tried spatzel for the first time.  I’m a sucker for anything pasta related, so it definitely hit the spot.

From there we went to the Lenny Boy Brewery Co.  They had a collection of games there, so we spent a good amount of time on a round of Cards Against Humanity.  There was also a pop-up market going on beside the brewery, so we were able to talk to artisans and check out some local soap, dips, and artwork, among other things.

As a dinner break between breweries, we stopped by Price’s Chicken Coop for some fried chicken.  Price’s is rated the best fried chicken in Charlotte (surprisingly rivalled by fried chicken that you can get at a certain gas station) and it really is a part of Charlotte’s charm.  Every person that I talked to from Charlotte knew about and loved Price’s.  Maggie had also raved about this fried chicken and I was not disappointed!  We got there just before their closing time at 6pm and by the time we arrived, there was a line outside the door.  

Wooden Robot Brewery was the second last stop on our brewery tour.  What surprised me, not only here but at all the breweries, was that children were allowed in them!  

Finally, we walked to our last brewery, Sycamore Brewing.  It had a great outdoor space with some live music and a couple of food trucks.  

I loved my time in Charlotte!  There’s so much charm to this city and everyone was so friendly. I can’t wait to go back!

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